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  • Jade Elkind

Stop Floundering, and Make a Choice.

I recently had the great idea of signing up for an Ironman Triathlon.

After running a spur of the moment half marathon on Mother’s Day (Mom was super proud) I considered the idea of signing up for either another half, or a full marathon.

I guess you could say I signed up for that, plus more.

Why would I do such an extreme thing, and why did that half marathon suddenly spur me to make that brash of a decision?

It’s simple:

Because I want to, and I know I can.

This is what went through my head as I ran through the cold, nasty head-wind at the marina on Mother’s Day.

What started off as a planned 6 mile run in order to prepare me for a half marathon, turned into me, making the decision to clinch my goal that I intended to do. I ran over 13 miles because I wanted to, and because I had made the decision to do so.

I made a CHOICE to hit my goal right then and there, even after telling myself for YEARS that “I am a “bad” runner.”

When it comes down to it, sometimes we end up floundering too much.

This means we move a lot and use a lot of time and energy, but we’re not actually moving forward towards anything.

This leaves us wondering “What have I even been doing with my life?” as we look back on all of the years that went by.

But with the right mindset, guidance, and knowledge, we can clinch our goals sooner than we thought and take ourselves farther than we once believed we could.

If this is something that you want to accomplish, then let’s talk.

If you want to sign up for an Ironman, then let’s talk.

If you want to stop floundering, then let’s talk.

Whatever your physical goals may be, let’s stop floundering and get to it.

Reach out to me and let’s ditch pain, revamp mobility, and clinch your goals.

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